Curriculum, Classes, Costs and Benefits

Hurley Medical Center, the Department of Nutrition Services and the Hurley Dietetic Internship Program are pleased to offer you a unique and exciting education opportunity. The Hurley Dietetic Internship Program is committed to providing dietetic education of the highest quality in a stimulating and innovative environment. Below, you will find detailed information about the Hurley Dietetic Internship Program and its curriculum, classes, requirements, benefits, cost, and more. We look forward to reviewing your application.


The internship curriculum offers an emphasis in clinical dietetics. A clinical emphasis was selected because there is a growing need in the medical field for specialized dietetic practitioners and because Hurley excels in clinical nutrition. 70-80% of the rotations involve different subspecialties of inpatient and outpatient clinical nutrition. The curriculum also includes 2 weeks of foodservice and 4 weeks of community learning experiences. 


Formal classes are arranged by specialty rotation through the dietitian preceptors and the director of the internship program. Class instructors include faculty and staff of the dietetic internship program, as well as invited guest speakers from both inside and outside Hurley Medical Center. Dietetic interns present case studies to other healthcare professionals in the medical center and community. There are also opportunities to present research at the Flint Area Medical Education Research Forum (FAME) and Michigan Dietetic Association Annual Meeting.


  • January: Orientation during the first week of internship: 2 days hospital orientation and 3 days internship orientation.
  • January–May: Rotations at Hurley Medical Center: Orthopedics, Management, Oncology, Cardiac, Outpatient Diabetes, Rehabilitation, Medical, School Food Service, Research, Maternal Infant Health Program/Healthy Start, Outpatient Cancer.
  • June–September: Rotations at Hurley Medical Center and off-site locations: Critical Care, Pediatrics, Bariatric Center, Long Term Care, WIC, Staff Relief, Pregnancy and Diabetes, Outpatient Renal, Inpatient Renal, Pediatric Endocrinology, Trauma, Burn.
  • August: Case study presentations
  • September: Graduation

Staff relief rotations usually occur during the summer months (June-August), and each intern has a different rotation schedule. (Example: One intern may have his/her pediatric rotation in June while another intern may experience this in September.)


The offices of the Clinical Nutrition Division are located on the first floor of the Hurley Medical Center. Dietetic interns have a private office in this area, adjacent to the internship director.


  • 5 personal days
  • 4 holidays
  • Employee health service
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Free parking
  • Free Internet access
  • Free meals

Intern expenses

All costs of living are the responsibility of the intern. The following are estimated expenses for 36 weeks:

Admission fee       $4,000.00
Rent ($500 x 10 months) $5000.00 (approx.)
Utilities (phone, electricity $50/month) $500.00 (approx.)
Personal Health Insurance $1000.00 (approx.)
Transportation to affiliations ($50/month) $500.00
Recreation Varies
Clothing, dry cleaning, laundry, etc.  Varies
Food (meals and snacks)  Varies
Other expenses (moving/security deposits/utilities hookup/car insurance/car maintenance & repairs) Varies

Financial Aid is not currently available. Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships available through the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and other institutions.


Moderately priced housing in the community is suggested for interns with assistance from the employment office and program faculty.


Interns receive $900 for meal expenses for the entire 36 weeks. Beverages are free.


The purchase and maintenance of lab coats are the responsibility of the intern. Interns may dress in professional attire or scrubs (any color/pattern is accepted but professional appearance is required). If athletic shoes are worn with scrubs, they need to be primarily white.


Transportation to community affiliations and professional meetings is the responsibility of the intern. Public transportation is available for travel within the city of Flint. A personal car will be necessary to travel to community affiliations throughout the program. Reasonable accommodations will be made to facilitate transportation.

Medical care

Dietetic interns are responsible for their own medical care. Proof of personal health insurance is required before admission to the program. Hurley Medical Center will provide some medical services free of charge, such as the required entry physical exam. Minor ailments that occur at the hospital may be treated by the employee health nurse.

Affirmative action

It is the policy of Hurley Medical Center’s Dietetic Internship Program to provide equal opportunity for all qualified persons, to prohibit discrimination because of race, creed, sex, age, color, handicap or national origin, and to promote a full realization of equal opportunity through a continuing program of Affirmative Action designed to increase minority representation in the dietetic profession.

For more information on the Hurley Dietetic Internship Program, please contact:

Dietetic Internship Director
Hurley Medical Center
Nutrition Services
One Hurley Plaza
Flint, MI 48503
(810) 262-9772