Fees and Expenses

The following fees and expenses is a guideline to help students in planning for expenses needed for the education process during the two year program.  With the exception of tuition; everything else is an estimate and are subject to change.  Students are responsible for their own living expenses, transportation and health insurance.

  1. Tuition:  Currently the two year program is $5200.00 (Subject to change with proper notification).
    $2600.00 per year
    Method of payment:  check or money order

    Tuition payment schedule is as follows:

    First Year:
    1/6 of total tuition due October 7 - $866.67
    1/6 of total tuition due February 7- $866.67
    1/6 of total tuition due June 7- $866.66

    Second Year:
    1/6 of total tuition due October 7 - $866.67
    1/6 of total tuition due February 7- $866.67
    1/6 of total tuition due June 7- $866.66

  2. Books and Miscellaneous:  Books are the responsibility of the student.  A book list will be distributed once the student has been admitted to the program.  Textbooks are discounted through Rittenhouse Publishers.  Textbooks run $800.00 and are utilized the full two years of the program.        

  3. Students will be provided mock board exams on a monthly basis at the beginning of the second year of the program.

  4. Students are required to set up and purchase an on-line Radiation Protection and Radiation Biology Course.  This fee is included in the book quote.

  5. Students are responsible to set up and purchase a mandatory on-line Review Course (Corectec), in the latter part of their second year.  Cost of this on-line review is $80.00; with the HMC student discount through the publisher.

  6. The following shall be the responsibility of the student:  ceil blue uniforms (approximately $100.00), student patches ($4.00 each), white nursing or tennis shoes (approximately $50.00), CPR certification (local Red Cross $70.00), combination lock ($6.00), reference books, transportation, housing and health insurance (the latter four are up to the discretion of the student).  

  7. Each student is required to join the Michigan Society of Radiologic Technologists’ (in their second year).

    The dues are approximately $10.00 per year. Each student must participate in the “Student Bee”. Each student must submit either a scientific essay or project to be judged at the annual state meeting of this organization. The MSRT Annual Conference is Sept. 16-18, 2015. Conference Registration, overnight accommodations run approximately $150.00 per night/2 full beds. Student can do fundraising to supplement fees incurred.  

  8. Students are required to pay a deposit for their Hurley I.D. card.  This cost will be approximately $10.00.

  9. Students will be provided with one set of Lead Left and Right markers.  It is the students’ responsibility to maintain these markers throughout the 2 year program.  All images performed by the students must include utilization of these provided markers.  If lost it is the students’ responsibility to notify faculty.  The marker will be replaced at a fee of $10.00 each. Markers must be purchased through the faculty office.  Competencies will not be accepted without designated student lead markers on the image.