Program Goals & Objectives

Student Learning Objectives are evaluated over the course of the program to ensure the students are meeting the overall goals of the program.  Program Objectives include:

  1. Provide competent Radiographers to the health care community
    • Students will show an appropriate level of Clinical Competency
    • Students will practice Radiation Protection
  2. The student will demonstrate appropriate communication skills
    • Students will demonstrate effective oral communication skills.
    • Students will practice written communication skills
  3. Students will use critical thinking and problem solving skills
    • Students will use skills to find alternatives to resolve positioning and technical factors due to patient conditions
    • Students will manipulate technique factors
  4. The student will exhibit the level of clinical competency and patient care of an entry level technologist upon graduation
    • Student has sufficient knowledge in the areas of Clinical Competency and Patient Care.  Treats patients with compassion and respect
    • Students are well prepared for entry level skills in the workforce
  5.  The student (graduate) will understand the importance of professional values and lifelong learning experiences
    • Students will exhibit behavior that represents professionalism
    • Students will determine the importance of continued professional development