12 interesting interns join internal medicine

Even though the new residents in Hurley’s Internal Medicine Program have varied backgrounds, they all have two things in common - they are strong academically, and they enjoy interacting with people, according to Program Director Ghassan Bachuwa MD MHSA MS. Sounds like promising physicians for our patients!

Here are some of the numbers describing this year’s outstanding interns:

  • 5 females
  • 7 males
  • 10 countries for medical school:
    • 1 from Bahrain
    • 1 from Caribbean
    • 1 from China
    • 1 from Egypt
    • 3 from India
    • 1 from Lebanon
    • 1 from Myanmar
    • 1 from Saudi Arabia
    • 1 from Sudan
    • 1 from United Arab Emirates
  • 2 married to each other
  • 2 soccer players
  • 1 volleyball player
  • 1 badminton player
  • 1 extreme sports athlete
  • 1 pianist

Which one may be found baking and watching documentaries? And which one may be hiking the many trails in Michigan’s parks? Who may spend part of the day as a half moon or half tortoise? Which may be found meditating, playing chess or table tennis, growing garlic and daffodils, or reciting poetry and planning a trip?

To find out who’s who, take a peeak at these brief bios about the new internal medicine interns.