14 Hurley presentations make it to ACP’s fall scientific meeting

One oral and 13 poster presentations from Hurley were accepted for a regional scientific conference in Michigan in September. The annual fall Michigan Chapter Scientific meeting (part of the American College of Physicians) took place Sept. 30 through Oct. 2, 2016, at the Grand Traverse Resort in Acme, Mich.

The presentations and authors came from three Hurley training programs: Combined Internal Medicine/ Pediatrics Residency Program (Med/Peds), Geriatric Medicine Fellowship (Geri), and Internal Medicine Residency Program (IM).

Following is the list of presentations.

Oral Presentations:

  • Severe Muscle Weakness in an African-American Thyrotoxic Patient. Clinical Vignette. Kirti Manjrekar, Basim Towfiq, Vijay Naraparaju. Med/Peds.

Poster Presentations:

  • Infective endocarditis in Hemodialysis patients. Research. Emad AbuSitta, Nour Aljariri Alhesan, Zaid Qaraghan, Carols Rios-Bedoya, Eyassu Habte-Gabr. IM.
  • Kratom: An addictive substance associated with acute ischemic stroke in a young man. Clinical Vignette. Shokhan Aghawais, Ramkaji Baniya, Firas Abed, Basim Towfiq, Ghassan Bachuwa. IM.
  • When puzzled, review the medications: An uncommon side effect of a common medicine. Clinical Vignette. Azza Ahmed, James Vyskocil. IM.
  • Two cancers in the same tissue! Is the pathologist right or is it a “collision?” Clinical Vignette. EzzAddin Al Wahsh, Suresh Kumar Subedi, Seetharamprasad Madala, Basim Towfiq. IM.
  • Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis in adulthood: A diagnostic challenge. Clinical Vignette. Hossam Al-Zúbi, Samer Al Hadidi, Khalil Katato. IM.
  • A tale of dog’s diarrhea. Clinical Vignette. Ramkaji Baniya, Sunil Upadhaya, Elfateh Seedahmed, Ghassan Bachuwa. IM.
  • Thromboembolism in inflammatory bowel disease: case report and literature review. Clinical Vignette. Hind Hadid, Amanda Winston, Adiraj Singh, Elna Saah. Med/Peds.
  • Rheumatic heart disease: A “disease of poverty” in developed countries. Clinical Vignette. Joud Jarrah, Basim Towfiq. IM.
  • Pasteurella multocida: Pet-associated peritonitis. Clinical Vignette. Jahangir Khan, Besher Sadat, Elizabeth Hale. Geri.
  • Esophageal cancer initially presenting with Lemierre syndrome: coincidence or risk factor? Clinical Vignette. Mohammed Osman, Praveen Bheemanathini, Ghassan Bachuwa. Med/Peds and IM.
  • Kounis syndrome: Anaphylaxis or epinephrine effect? Clinical Vignette. Qais Radaideh, Samer Al Hadidi. IM.
  • Stroke and DVT (deep vein thrombosis) - linked by lung! Clinical Vignette. Sakshi Singal, Nour Aljariri Alhesan, Basim Towfiq. IM.
  • A case of nodular pulmonary amyloidosis with primary pulmonary MALT lymphoma masquerading as metastatic lung disease. Clinical Vignette. Sunil Upadhaya, Mohammed Baig, Basim Towfiq. IM.
Posted by: Julie Campe