An apple a day ...

Mazin Saadaldin MD, Internal Medicine resident, Hurley Medical Center, 2015Well, make that a dozen in <2 years

Mazin Saadaldin MD is known for his easy way with patients and colleagues alike. So it's no surprise that he has received a dozen Hurley Apple awards, which are given when someone submits a letter of thanks or appreciation to Hurley for the great service provided by an employee.

The third-year Internal Medicine resident recently posed for a photo on a day when he had 10 apples pinned to his lab coat. Saadaldin said it's always pleasant surprise when he receives an apple.

"It makes me really feel good and happy because it means patients are satisfied and appreciative," he said. "Most of the apples are from my outpatient clinic patients, and I also have one from a group of nurses on an inpatient floor, and some from clinic staff, the EPIC team, and from an ICU patient's family."

Saadaldin also has received the Outstanding Educator Award from medical students on the Flint Campus of Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.

The acknowledgements are especially rewarding for Saadaldin because "I believe patient satisfaction and patient care are the most important part of our work, plus the education of others," he said.

Also rewarding for Saadaldin during his residency has been his service on behalf of other residents. Saadaldin served as president of the residents' House Staff Association for two years and as the resident's representative to the Hurley Graduate Medical Education Committee, as well as helping to negotiate the contract between the House Staff Association and Hurley.

He graduates in June and plans to join his wife and kids in Texas, where his wife is a medical resident and where he plans to work as a hospitalist.

"My plan is to give my best care to my patients," he said.