MSU and Flint work together on health issues

Hurley Medical Center has been a Michigan State University teaching hospital for decades, and the MSU College of Human Medicine formerly occupied a wing of Hurley to house its Flint Campus office for its third- and fourth-year medical students before recently moving to its the former Flint Journal building near the new Flint Farmers’ Market in downtown Flint.

MSU has been involved in Flint in many other ways, as well, and it now touts its many Flint community partnerships and dedication to help Flint through its public health challenges from across the university.

In its Feb. 3, 2016, digital newsletter, MSUToday, an article focuses on MSU and Flint: “The current public health situation in Flint is tragic, and the road to recovery could be long, but the city’s residents will not face this challenge alone. Michigan State University has been partnering with Flint for decades. We were there as the disaster unfolded, and we will be there in the future.”

The article includes 11 examples of how MSU is helping with the current water situation and describes other long-term commitments.

“We are committed to finding lasting solutions that ensure a safer, healthier future for all members of the Flint communit,” it states.

Photo above: The new Michigan State University offices are housed in the former Flint Journal building at 200 First St. in downtown Flint, just a few steps away from the new Flint Farmers’ Market at left. 2015 file photo by Doug Pike of Hurley Medical Center.