New pediatric faculty publishes 2 papers

One of Hurley’s newest faculty members has recently published two articles in Contemporary Pediatrics.

Stacy Frye MD, a nonsurgical pediatric orthopedic and sports medicine specialist, has an outpatient office in Hurley’s Grand Pointe location at the intersection of Hill Rd, Saginaw Rd and Dort Highway.

Her articles, “Care of the Student Athlete” and “Juiced: What Kids Do to Compete,” appeared in the Aug. 1, 2015, edition of the journal, which offers expert clinical advice for pediatricians.

The first article covers recommended preparticipation medical screening exam, which is the standard of care for student athletes, and stresses the importance of taking the time to thoroughly examine and talk to the young patients, for whom this may be their only medical exam throughout their youth. Psychosocial assessment also should be part of the exam.

The second article guides pediatricians in counseling patients and families about pressures of trying performance-enhancing substances, including supplements, energy drinks, prescription medications, and banned/illicit substances. It also discusses sports nutrition, hydration, micro- and macronutrient guidelines, competitive pressures, and the importance of building rapport.

Frye is part of Hurley’s pediatric teaching faculty, with an appointment through Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.

In photo above, Frye is shown talking about normal pediatric orthopedic variants during the May 13, 2015, Hurley Pediatric Update in downtown Flint. (Hurley Medical Center file photo)