Pediatrics residency announces all-star intern lineup

Current pediatric residents and staff breathed a sigh of relief at the end of national Match Week in March, when residency training programs across the nation learned which resident candidates were matched to their programs.

More than 1300 applied for the Pediatric Residency Training Program of Hurley Medical Center and Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, and 140 interviewed for positions. The result: Hurley matched seven strong candidates.

“This was an especially competitive year for pediatrics - pediatrics had a 99.5% national match rate,” said Program Director Mona Hanna-Attisha MD MPH. “Our incoming class is a truly exceptional group - their brief bios only give a glimpse of their many accomplishments.”

Hanna-Attisha said the recruitment process is not just the time spent in interviews.

“Recruitment is everyday - it is every day that you provide exceptional pediatric care, every day that you teach a medical student, and every day that you come in with a smile on your face,” she said. “Our applicants were struck by the warmth, friendliness and strong academic environment of Hurley Peds.”

Hanna-Attisha thanked Program Coordinator Shelly Casey and Program Assistant Julie Messing for their “administrative awesomeness.” Incoming residents will hear from them now, throughout the orientation process, and throughout their entire residency training at Hurley Children’s Hospital. Hanna-Attisha also credited the entire Pediatrics faculty and staff for their help during interviews but also throughout the year for making Hurley’s Pediatric Residency Training Program such an excellent experience.

Here are some brief bios about the new pediatric interns.