Red noses bring humor, fun to fund-raising

Red Nose Day in the Hurley Children's Playroom with Carter Vronch, 2. May 21, 2015Elizabeth Schut MD bought 26 red noses for this day, which was perfect - there was just one to spare for the official Red Nose Day photo at Hurley Children's Hospital.

The third-year pediatric resident organized the observation of this national fund-raising day on one of Hurley's Pediatric floors. Red Nose Day, which raises money for organizations that help children in the U.S. and around the world who live in poverty, originated in Great Britain but has now become an annual observance in the U.S., too.

How to vote for Hurley Children's Hospital in national contests

At Hurley Children's Hospital (a publicly owned but not publicly funded safety-net hospital), the red noses may help to bring more votes to national social media contests that could add up to $50,000 in contest winnings for Hurley Children's Hospital. Click here to see how to vote for the national contests.

Another reason for the display, said Schut is "because how can you be on the peds floor and not wear red noses on red nose day?"

Schut was joined in the effort by a young patient, Carter Vronch, 2, and 23 members of the pediatric healthcare team on 2E, including nurses, resident physicians from Pediatrics and Combined Internal Medicine/Pediatrics, as well as medical students from Michigan State University College of Human Medicine.