Team Hurley league champs

Photo of Team Hurley at the Soccer Zone, Grand Blanc.
League champions: From left, in the first row are: Internal medicine Chief Resident Emad Abu Sitta MD, holding baby Selma (just a spectator, so far). In the second row are: Zach Reyes, Adiraj Singh MD (second-year combined medicine/ pediatrics resident), Joud Jarrah MD (first-year internal medicine resident), and Omar Assasa MD (transitional-year resident). In the third row are: Ezzaddin Al Wahsh MD (second-year internal medicine resident), Gwendolyn Reyes MD (pediatric chief resident), Maryellen Dougherty PsyD (medical psychology fellow), Amanda Winston MD (third-year combined medicine/ pediatrics resident), Danyelle O'Delle (MSU third-year medical student), and Nour Aljarari MD. In the back row are Eric O'Delle and Ahmed Abdalla MD (a first-year resident in internal medicine).

How do busy residents, fellows, faculty and students burn off steam and stay fit to meet the demands of the job? Indoor soccer is one way, and Team Hurley had a lot of fun on its way to another league championship in October.

The Hurley co-ed soccer team includes residents, fellows, medical students, spouses, siblings and attending physicians – and has been winning games for several years, typically played indoors at the Soccer Zone in Grand Blanc, Mich.

The team plays once per week in the 18 and over co-ed division, and a new session begins soon.

Above is the celebration photo after winning the league championship.