Attiq Ur Rehman MD

Attiq Ur Rehman MD


Combined Internal Medicine/ Pediatrics, Third-Year Resident

Originally from:


Medical School:

  • Services Institute of Medical Sciences, Lahore, Punjab Pakistan

What brought you here to the U.S. and to Michigan?

Came in 2012 to take USMLE and get clinical experience. Then started residency here in 2014. I chose Hurley because I liked the people and culture here.

Why did you choose your specialty?

I wanted to get exposure to both extremes of medical science, i.e. kids and adults.

Family fun facts:

My family is back home. I married to Ambbar. She is a doctor herself, in Pakistan, and now we and our 11-month-old infant girl, Fatima, live together.

When you’re not working, what do you do for fun?

I spend time with my wife and my daughter. I take them out, and I talk to my family back home.

What do you love about Hurley and Michigan?

I love the culture and people at Hurley.

What inspires you?

My patients are my inspiration.

What was your toughest challenge in achieving your goals - and how did you overcome it?

Moving to US was a big decision. Because it’s about leaving everyone you love behind. My wife and then my daughter were my support and, obviously, the welcoming United States.

What do you miss most about home - and how do you keep in touch with family and friends there?

I miss my mother, her food, my best friend and my sister Rohama.

Favorite movie?

My favorite movie is ‘Lion’ 2017.

Top Favs about the Flint area:

  • I love Hurley.
  • I like the spring here.
  • I like people in general.

Special talents or hobbies?

I like singing.