Osman Mohammed MD

Osman Mohammed MD


Internal Medicine, Third-Year Resident and Chief Resident

Originally from:


School(s) attended:

University of Khartoum / Faculty of Medicine 2011

What brought you to Michigan?

I came to Michigan in 2015 at the start of my residency. What really convinced me to come here is the fact that the Internal Medicine Residency program has a high quality of training, good exposure to different populations with various clinical manifestations, and supportive faculty around the clock, as well as a supportive research department. Michigan is a very beautiful state, with nice green scenery in spring and summer.

Why did you choose your specialty?

Medicine is fun. It gives you the opportunity to interact with patients from different backgrounds, listen to their stories, learn from them and help them. In addition, the Medicine specialty is one of the specialties that does not just influence one patient - you can work in the community and influence a whole population.

What do you do for fun?

Play soccer and volleyball, swim, watch movies.

What do love about Hurley and/or the area?

The people. Seriously, the Michiganians are very friendly, nice and kind people. Spring and summer in Michigan are like heaven on earth, and, believe me, winter is not that bad. :)

What do you miss most about home?

Family and friends.