Suresh Subedi MD

Suresh Subedi MD


Internal Medicine, Third-Year Resident and Chief Resident

Originally from:


School(s) attended:

Medical school from Tribhuvan University, Institute of Medicine, Kathmandu, Nepal

What brought you to Michigan?

I came to the U.S. to take the clinical skills exam and to apply for residency. Michigan was my first choice because some of my best friends and seniors from medical school have been here for a long time. I especially loved the greenery and natural beauty of Michigan, and there are a lot of options for outdoor activities.

Why did you choose your specialty?

I have to say that I never liked the notion of learning SOMETHING; I liked doing EVERYTHING - that’s the reason I chose Internal Medicine. This is the only specialty where I will learn and deal with the myriad of medical problems spanning through all human systems. It’s like unlocking a MYSTERY which is always fun and at the same time a challenge, too.

When you’re not working, what do you do for fun?

To tell the truth, there isn’t much NOT WORKING time when working as a resident. But still, I play squash - there’s a court inside the Resident Housing we live in. I listen to music and talk with friends about what happened in the hospital that day.

What do love about Hurley?

Hurley is my “KARMA-STHAL,” as we put it in my native language - the place where I practice what I am supposed to do in my life. Hurley takes care of its residents as family members and never lets us feel alone, at the same time making sure that we are moving toward becoming knowledgeable, competitive and compassionate physicians. And I especially love the pool of friends in my batch … they are awesome.

What inspires you?

Physicians who practice medicine with compassion for the patients - regardless of their medical, psychological, emotional, or social status - inspire me the most, and I especially admire those who try to double-check each of their medical interventions with evidence.

What do you miss most about home - and how do you keep in touch with family and friends there?

As most people, I miss the food, including MOMOs, SEKUWAs, and DAAL BHAAT, the most. … I keep in touch with my family and friends through Facebook, Viber, Skype and phone.

Any special talents or hobbies?

I love trekking and have trekked in many world-renowned routes in my country, Nepal. I love scaling high altitudes and have been as high as 5600 meters above sea level. I even have experience of working as a Trekking Doctor in couple of expeditions. I would love to learn mountaineering and scale a mountain some day. My qualifications as an Internal Medicine graduate could help me later if I get involved in High Altitude Medicine later in my life.