Crystal Cederna-Meko PsyD

‘Charismatic, creative, compassionate’
Dr. Meko stands under the archway in the Hurley Pediatric Clinic waiting area.
Dr. Meko stands under the archway in the Hurley Pediatric Clinic waiting area. Photo by Doug Pike

Favorite Great Lake: Lake Superior

So you scored high on your exams, and your clinical skills are shaping up nicely. But how do you talk to kids about … well, about tough topics? Who can guide you and help to build a child’s trust and confidence in you? And who can help kids through trying times?

At Hurley, expert advice and guidance comes from pediatric psychologist Crystal Cederna-Meko, PsyD, a faculty member at Michigan State University, East Lansing, and a full-time member of Hurley’s Pediatric faculty team. She also serves as associate program director of the Pediatric Residency Program. Dr. Cederna-Meko works extensively with pediatric residents as coordinator of the Behavioral-Developmental Rotation and as leader of the Pediatric Communication Skills series. A charismatic, creative and compassionate pediatric psychologist, Dr. Cederna-Meko loves coming to Hurley to watch her patients (and their families) grow strong and healthy. And she cherishes the chance to help pediatricians learn to incorporate the art of medicine into the science of it.

Michigan is surrounded by the 5 Great Lakes.
This map shows Michigan, surrounded by the 5 Great Lakes, which comprise 1/5 of the world's fresh surface water. (Only the polar ice caps and Lake Baikal in Siberia hold more.) The lakes are 95% of the U.S. fresh surface water supply. School children use the acronym, "HOMES," to remember the names of the Great Lakes: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, and Superior. The latter is the world's largest fresh-water lake by water surface. It's very deep - its 3,000 cubic miles of water could fill all of the other Great Lakes combined, plus have enough left over to refill Lake Erie 3 times.

Her extensive education and training includes a bachelor of science degree from Northern Michigan University, Marquette, Mich., and master and doctoral degrees from the University of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, Ind. Dr. Cederna-Meko also completed a two-year medical psychology post-doctoral fellowship on MSU’s Flint campus here at Hurley before joining the faculty full-time. She brings a wealth of clinical and research expertise to her position. Her academic interests include anxiety disorders, behavior management, health promotion, behavior change, and coping with chronic medical conditions.  

Outside of work, Dr. Cederna-Meko enjoys traveling, photography, and just about anything outdoors (especially Michigan’s Great Lakes).  Since she studied In Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (aka “the UP”) and still likes to vacation there, she’s sort of an honorary Yooper, even though she lives “down state” and might be considered a “troll” (a creature that, in fairy tales, lives beneath a bridge: in this case, the troll lives south of Michigan’s Mackinac Bridge,  which connects its two peninsulas and gives a good view of Michigan’s famous Mackinac Island).  Dr. Cederna-Meko also loves spending time with her family, who is scattered throughout northern and lower Michigan, as well as across the United States.

Favorite musical group: Coldplay

Favorite Great Lakes beach: Little Presque and Wetmore’s Landing  (both beaches along the coastline of Lake Superior near Marquette, MI).  “Lake Superior  is my favorite Great Lake.”

Favorite food in Flint: Anything from Badawest (Middle Eastern food, at 4019 Corunna Rd, Flint, Mich.), just a few miles away from Hurley.

Michigan is surrounded by the 5 Great Lakes.
Fall colors near Wetmore Pond and Little Presque Isle, north of Marquette, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Photo courtesy of Kurt Mensching at