Dunya Mohammad MD

Dunya Mohammad MD


Pediatric Residency, Third-Year Resident and Chief

Originally from:


School attended:

Medical School: Hawler Medical University, Erbil, Iraq.

What brought you here to Michigan?

I came when I matched for residency at Hurley in 6/2015

Why did you choose your specialty?

Because I love working with kids

Family fun facts:

My husband, Kewan Hamid, is a Combined Medicine/Pediatrics resident at Hurley, and my son, Saman, is an infant.

When you’re not working, what do you do for fun?

Biking and walking in Seven Lakes Park, Holly, Mich.

What you love most about Hurley & Flint area?

Hurley is my second family. (I left my first family behind when I left Kurdistan.) I love my new family.

What inspires you?

My program director, her dedication to children and her optimism in life.