National Patient Safety Standards

Hurley Medical Center: Committed to the highest standards of patient safety

Throughout Hurley’s programs, departments and services, including our graduate medical education residency programs, we constantly strive to improve the safety and quality of medical care provided to our patients and to minimize adverse outcomes. In doing so, we - in turn - reduce potential risks to our physicians and other health care service providers, their families and the general public.

For our residents, this means working in interdisciplinary teams on the institution’s weekly patient safety “sweeps,” where they visit a unit or floor and – using a checklist similar to The Joint Commission’s technique – systematically look for potential patient-safety issues in order to maintain the highest standards and to continually educate staff. It also means that residents and faculty are trained in the latest patient-safety and quality-improvement evidence about methods and processes to ensure best results in complex systems such as health care.

Other patient-safety features of resident and fellow training:

  • Simulation lab to practice procedures and techniques.
  • Annual institution-wide employee patient-safety fair to stay on top of safety processes at Hurley (and a chance to win prizes, too).
  • Training on how to report errors or near misses in Hurley’s anonymous online reporting system (RDE) on our Intranet.
  • Invitations to serve on departmental and institutional safety and improvement committees so residents can use their unique experience and viewpoint to make a difference .

Hurley Medical Center upholds the National Patient Safety Goals as outlined by The Joint Commission. For more information on the National Patient Safety Goals, please visit The Joint Commission website at