The Geriatric fellowship program prepares the fellow in all fields of geriatric medicine, with special emphasis on multi-disciplinary outpatient geriatric care, inpatient care, nursing home and rehabilitation services. The fellow also has a chance to hone teaching and communication skills, through community invitations, such as giving presentations to health professionals or answering questions at health fairs.

Geriatric Fellowship Roadmap

The geriatric fellowship program curriculum consists of thirteen blocks (one block equals four {4} weeks) of the following:

Rotation Number of Blocks
Elective 2½ blocks
Geriatric Outpatient Clinic 1 block
Geriatric Inpatient Service 2 blocks
Geropsychiatry 1 block
Geropsychology 1 block
PMR 1 block
Sleep Disorder ½ block
Urology ½ block
Neurology/Movement Disorders 1 block
Home Care/Hospice ½ block
Nursing Home 1 block
Vacation 1 block
Two ½ days continuity clinic per week
One ½ day continuity ECF clinic per week

Geriatric Fellowship Program Features

Educational components include the physiology of aging; pathophysiology of common diseases of the elderly; functional, cognitive status and other effective assessment methodologies; and concepts of treatment and management in both the acute home care and long-term care environments. During the fellowship, research in geriatric medicine is required.


Electives are to be taken at Hurley Medical Center located in Flint, Michigan.

Neurology Gynecology Orthopedic
ENT Ophthalmology Cardiology

Additional Information

For more information about the fellowship and Hurley Medical Center, contact the Geriatric Fellowship Program office at (810) 262-9682.