How to obtain a Michigan license to practice psychology

All postdoctoral fellows must possess a Michigan license to begin the fellowship. This should be a Doctoral Educational Limited License but can be a Master’s Educational Limited License (TLLP) if needed due to delays in degree conferment.

After the PhD/PsyD degree is officially granted by a university, fellows must obtain a Doctoral Educational Limited License. This license enables fellows to begin accumulating clinical hours for full licensure (2,000 hours are required in the State of Michigan). NOTE: Fellows cannot begin fellowship until all requirements of their doctoral degree are completed, including internship and dissertation defense with final acceptance/approval. These activities are expected to be completed by August 31st.

The Program Director will assist new fellows in determining which license to obtain.

The application process can take several weeks. (See Michigan's licensing and application forms for more information). We strongly encourage incoming fellows to begin the application process as soon as they accept a position within the fellowship program.

The application packet may be obtained from the Michigan Board of Psychology, which is the state office that grants limited and full licenses for psychologists.

Michigan Board of Psychology contact information:
Department of Licensing and Regulation
Michigan Board of Psychology
PO Box 30018
Lansing MI 48909
(517) 335-0918

NOTE: Graduates of the Pediatric Psychology Fellowship Program at Hurley Medical Center will have fulfilled the licensure requirements for postdoctoral supervised practice within the State of Michigan.