Personal wellness is critical to a fulfilling, life-long career as a pediatric psychologist. The fellowship program provides fellows with resources to promote health and maximize growth throughout the training experience. Additionally, fellows receive a competitive salary & benefits aligned with resident physicians at the same level of training within Hurley Medical Center. Wellness-promoting activities are also deliberately incorporated into program activities as described below.

Salary and Time Off

  • Salary: $55,899, as of July 1, 2024
  • Paid vacation, personal, wellness, and interview days: 33 days
  • Paid holidays: 6 days (New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day) - if scheduled to work on the holiday and the work site is closed
  • Sick leave: 6 days
  • FMLA eligibility starting Day 1
  • Conference time: 1 conference (up to 5 days)

The following resources are available to fellows throughout the 12-month training experience:

  • $800 meal stipend for use while working
  • 24-hour library & excellent support staff
  • Appointment of a non-program affiliated mentor - mentors available reflect a myriad of multicultural identities and areas of expertise
  • Cafeteria and coffee shop (Hurley Medical Center)
  • Culturally humble, diverse, and inclusive training environment
  • Incorporation of self-care and wellness promotion into didactic training and supervision
  • Layers of supervision & faculty support
  • On-site, 24-hour exercise rooms (Hurley Medical Center)
  • Physician’s lounge with unrestricted access to free filtered water, coffee, juices, and food items (Hurley Medical Center)
  • Private, secure lactation rooms on-site
  • Professional development and career preparation emphasis within curriculum
  • Research support staff including statisticians, editors, and experts in research design & data analysis
  • Routine attention to wellness & cultural considerations within individual supervision, clinical practice, and curricular elements
  • Shared, fellow-only office space at Hurley Medical Center
  • Physically distanced, socially cohesive social gatherings facilitated by the fellowship and pediatric residency programs
  • Spiritual support and reflection sites (Hurley Medical Center)
  • Transparent and learner-centered approach to program communication and all curricular elements
  • Wellness events: Faculty-led wellness events will be hosted throughout the year, including program-specific events and those shared with other Flint-based postdoctoral programs

Fellows receive the following benefits:

  • Affordable health, dental & vision insurance for self or family - including partners and dependent children, biological or otherwise
  • Benefits & discounts associated with Michigan State University Department of Pediatrics faculty appointment. Ask the Program Coordinator for more information
  • Benefits & discounts associated with employment by Hurley Medical Center. Ask the Program Coordinator for more information
  • Bereavement leave
  • Clinical instructor/faculty appointment with Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, Department of Pediatrics
  • Eligibility for public student loan forgiveness (PSLF) program
  • Free & physically proximal parking at all practice sites
  • Life insurance
  • Monogrammed white coats (2 total)
  • Scholarly dissemination support money (supports travel for oral presentations and for open access publishing)
  • Society for Pediatric Psychology Conference attendance OR resource money for computers, tablets, books, or EPPP study materials (NOTE: educational expenses must be approved by the Graduate Medical Education office prior to use): $1500
  • Weekly scheduled 1:1 supervision (2 hours per week) & unlimited indirect supervision