Educational Program 4th-Year Chief

Pediatrics Residency Position

Patient Care Responsibilities
  • Two half days of continuity clinic per week
    • Required attendance of pre-clinic huddles and didactics with teaching staff supervision
    • Clinic procedural requirements include ongoing certification in BLS, PALS, and NRP
  • Emergency coverage for residents as needed
Leadership/Administrative/Teaching Responsibilities

The Chief Resident is responsible for the following schedule-related tasks:

  • Creation and maintenance of the annual and daily call schedule for pediatric residents. Expected to consider the needs of both the residents and the services they work on when planning the schedule and strive for fairness.
  • Communication and coordination with external programs that rotate in pediatrics
  • Continuity clinic schedules
  • Problem identification and resolution as well as independent judgment
  • Maintain effective working relationships with residents, administrative staff, residency faculty, hospital staff, etc
  • Actively participate on various hospital committees
  • Provide leadership to the resident body and serve as a residency advocate
  • Provide direct input and assistance to the Program Director on behalf of the residents on matters affecting the residents or their program
  • Enforce residency program rules
  • Scheduling for special events (ITE, retreats, holidays, etc)
  • Didactic scheduling
  • Attendance by chief residents is expected at the following administrative/leadership meetings:
  • Program Evaluation Committee (PEC) Meeting
  • Residency Improvement meeting
  • Ranking and selection meeting
  • Pediatric Improvement Committee meeting
  • Daily safety huddles
  • Standing meeting with program and associate director
  • The Chief Residents will have involvement in the following administrative responsibilities:
  • Attend all and encourage attendance at educational conferences
  • Resident recruitment/interviews
  • Assist in intern orientation and senior resident retreat
  • Assist in rotation orientation/expectation
  • Update and maintain eGME website
  • Oversee and improve rotations (ie: procedure week, QI/Research week, etc)
  • Provide lectures (Yale series, Residents as Teachers, Board prep etc)
  • Serve as a liaison between the pediatric residents and nursing staff, ancillary staff, and faculty

The Chief Residents will be expected to have the following leadership responsibilities:

  • Act as a role model for clinical care, interpersonal skills, and professionalism for all levels of learners
  • Serve as mentor, guide, and /or informal counselor for residents who may be struggling with job-related or personal stresses
  • Observe residents and provide feedback

Professional Growth

The Chief Resident is expected to focus upon their individual professional growth in addition to the aforementioned responsibilities during their year. The year will serve as a time for personal reflection and attention to areas in which the Chief would like to advance their professional career. With that in mind, the Chief Resident will:

  • Attend ACGME Pediatric Chief Leadership conference
  • Conduct research or QI projects as well as track all program projects
  • Have personal professional goals for the year that will be shared with each other and the Program Director. Chief residents will meet at least monthly with the Program Director to assure progress towards these goals.
  • Complete the American Board of Pediatrics Certification Examination in October

Supervision and Evaluation

The Chief Resident is mentored by the program directors via monthly meetings to assure administrative, clinical and professional duties are progressing as expected. Appropriate supervision will be provided by the teaching staff and program directors, during all administrative, clinical and educational duties. Informal evaluations will be completed on a monthly basis by staff, faculty and program directors. Formal evaluations via teaching faculty and peers will be completed in New Innovations and reviewed by the residency clinical competency committee on a semi-annual basis. Electronic evaluation tools (ex. direct observation tool, praise, & concerns cards, etc.) will be available at all times to be completed as applicable.

  • PGY 4 salary, education allowance, and benefits
  • Office space, free parking, free 24/7 fitness area
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