RaeLynne MacBeth MD, Hurley Medical Center

RaeLynne MacBeth



Transitional Year, Graduating Class of 2021

Where are you from originally?

Deerfield, Mich.

Medical training:

  • University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences, Toledo, Ohio

Why did you stay in Michigan?

Born and raised in Michigan, I've stayed in the area for school and to be close to family.

Why did you choose your specialty?

My fascination for radiology surfaced early on in my first year of medical school, following my father’s diagnosis of lung cancer. His oncologist allowed me to view his scans and despite my limited medical knowledge at the time, his diagnosis and symptoms made sense. Radiology is intriguing to me because of the ability to alter someone’s life by identifying incidental lesions. I also enjoy communicating findings and discussing patient care with other providers.


I have two brothers and a sister-in-law who live in the Grand Blanc area of Michigan. My bloodhound, Daisy, lives with me.

    When you're not working, what do you do for fun?

    In my free time, I enjoy going outdoors and exploring different trails or kayaking. I love to bake, decorate (and eat) desserts, too.

    What do you love about Hurley?

    I love how kind and welcoming everyone is at Hurley. During interviews, I would ask what the interviewer loved about where they worked and everyone at Hurley said, "the people I work with." Now that I've had the opportunity to work with them, I understand how amazing it is to work with kind, motivated individuals who genuinely care about their coworkers' well-being.

    Special talents/hobbies?

    Growing up in a small rural community in southeast Michigan, I was part of 4-H Youth Development Organization, where I raised and showed livestock at the county fair. I raised cattle, hogs, and chickens most of my life and have had to put it on hold while in medical school and residency. I hope to one day have enough time/land to raise livestock again and share that experience with others.