Santosh Dhungana W

Santosh Dhungana



Internal Medicine Graduating Class of 2022

Where are you from originally?


Medical training:

I did my medical school in Kathmandu, Nepal, then completed residency in general practice from BPKIHS, Dharan, Nepal.

When did you come to the U.S.?

I came to US for a residency program, to further my career, and - as a famous quote sums it all – “in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.”

Why did you choose your specialty?

Internal medicine provides the depth and breadth of clinical practice I intend to provide as a clinician.


My dad, mom, wife and daughter are a great source of happiness for me. I am looking forward to them joining me here in Michigan soon.

When you're not working, what do you do for fun?

Beyond healthcare, I am interested in society as a whole and love discoursing on the wider aspect of life, society and contemporary local and global social changes affecting these, when I get the right company. As such, I am interested in philosophy, fiction and what not. I enjoy exploring nature and musing around very simple things that touch our lives.

What do you love about Hurley and/or the mid-Michigan area?

I am new and am taking all opportunities to explore the Hurley and Michigan area as a whole.

What inspires you?

Nature and a simple man's honest desire to make things right. I am awed by what good a man, at his heart, is capable of, when not judged and compelled by external circumstances.

What was your toughest challenge in achieving your goals - and how did you overcome it?

Getting a balance between life's multitudes of options and choosing to stick with some! I am still working on these.

What do you miss most about?

Everything! From food to culture to society. Internet has been the umbilical cord connecting me to them!!


I have been impressed by works of Ayn Rand as a source of discussing alternatives to what some believe is the only way life can be. Movies - science fiction - draw me to a challenge to imagine alternates. I love coffee and try out many. I do not believe in monopolizing my palate.

List your Top 5 Favorite Things about Flint and/or Michigan:


What surprised you the most about working at Hurley or living in the Flint area/Michigan or about the people you have met so far?

The friendliness of people in the area. It’s been welcoming.

Special talents?

I beat everybody in being the couch guy who can raise a storm in a tea cup, if the discussion takes the right direction.

On humanity and nature:

Man is an animal - intelligent, but still a part of nature. So we need to be one with nature and ensure that in everything we do, we do not exclude the real world and its realities when we define our life.

Keeping work-life balance manageable:

I try to connect with nature, remain outdoors. Keep my windows and curtain open to ensure the outer world is just there!