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Smit Deliwala W

Smit Deliwala



Internal Medicine, Graduating Class of 2022

Originally from:

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


I've been fortunate to receive a breadth of training prior to starting residency with the help of great mentors. I completed my basic sciences in the Caribbean, and went on to do my core clinical training in Chicago. I used my elective time to travel across the United States and work in a variety of clinical settings.

  • Medical school: Saint James School of Medicine, Bonaire

U.S. arrival?

The way my medical school was set up, we had the option to transition into medical systems in the United States, Canada or Europe/Asia. On my initial visit to the United States, I had decided that I would complete my training here. Since then I've been primarily based in the Midwest and I ended up matching into my preferred program in Michigan.

Why did you choose your specialty?

Internal Medicine seemed the perfect balance of my interests. Over time, I come to appreciate the specialty. It focuses on adult patients and encompasses a wide range of modern-day healthcare. Interventional procedures, advanced pharmacotherapy, and many life-saving devices have made their way into daily hospitalist practices. The cognitive work that goes behind providing high-quality care to complex patients is most rewarding.

When you're not working, what do you do for fun?

I enjoy reading, my recent reads have all been about artificial intelligence. Cricket and ice-hockey are my favorite sports.

What do you love most about Hurley & mid-Michigan?

  • Hurley: Hurley Medical Center is a great place to train and acquire skills for independent practice or fellowship training. It places emphasis on clinical training amongst the complicated delivery system we currently have. Research opportunities are plenty. Hurley hospital led the city's lead water crisis research, and recently we've had seniors matching in prestigious fellowships all across the country.
  • Michigan: Michigan is a beautiful state with so many activities to keep you busy during your training.


  • American College of Physicians 2020 National Young Achiever Award
    for winning the national ACP-Internal Medicine poster competition, which included an invitation to give a 4-minute presentation in the Clinical Vignette Poster Competition Feb. 24 at the ACP-Internal Medicine national convention, Los Angeles, Calif. , as well as free registration for the meeting (which ended up being cancelled due to COVID-19).
National ACP Competition Winner, Clinical Vignette Poster Category
Excerpt from Dr Deliwala's poster presentation that he was invited to present nationally (but COVID-19 caused the cancellation of the Los Angeles ACP convention).