Hurley Research Day

Hurley Research Day Cancelled Wednesday, April 22, 2020, But Awards Will Be Announced

Submission types

  • Case report
  • Study/meta-analysis

Abstract judging

  • Abstracts judged for scientific merit
  • Prizes awarded based on abstract scores
  • Winners to be announced on the Hurley Research Day website in the future

2 live-streaming presentations

  • To be invited: Best Case Award-Winner
  • To be invited: Best Study Award-Winner
  • Dates to be announced
Cancelled: Hurley Research Day Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Research Day activities to be posted online

Join us to support our learners as they share their scholarly activity via abstracts, judged on scientific merit. Judge scores determine most of the awards, and a few special awards will be announced as well - but no in-person events are planned. The complete list of award-winners - and all of the accepted abstracts - will be posted to the Research Day web section. Note that everything was cancelled in 2020 due to the governor's March 23, 2020, shelter-in-place orders and the furlough of many health-care workers.

Hurley Research Day Abstract Submission Is Closed for 2020

Check back in fall 2020 for the next call for abstracts

Learners at Hurley Medical Center are eligible to submit abstracts:

  • Residents & fellows
  • Medical students
  • Nursing students
  • Students in other health professions

You must be able to present your poster or oral presentation on the 2021 Hurley Research Day to be eligible to submit your abstract. The date is to be determined in fall 2020.


  • Notification: If your abstract is accepted, you will be notified 4-6 weeks before the presentation date.
  • Awards: All accepted abstracts will be judged on scientific merit, which will determine Hurley Research Day awards.
  • Submission limit: Up to 2 submissions as first author or presenter
  • Word limit: Up to 400 words max (count words before you paste into the submission form)
  • Structured abstracts: Required - must adhere to format (below)
    • Case Report: 1. Background (key literature summary, reason for sharing), 2. Case (description with positive/negative findings), 3. Conclusion (Interpretation of key findings, application to care/medicine)
    • Study/meta-analysis: 1. Introduction (purpose, key literature summary, objective/hypothesis, significance), 2. Methods (setting, subjects, design, procedure), 3. Results (descriptive and inferential analysis as appropriate), 4. Conclusions (summary of key findings, limitations, future directions)

Abstract submission will close at 11:59 pm Monday, Feb. 1, 2021. You will receive a notification by email about whether your abstract was accepted or not and whether it will be an oral or poster presentation.

Note that only Hurley researchers are eligible to present at Hurley Research Day this year, so if you are not affiliated with Hurley or your research did not take place at Hurley, it is not eligible.


CTRL + SHIFT + V: Write your abstract first - in Google Docs or Microsoft Word, for instance, where you can count words, use spellcheck, etc. - then copy & paste it into the abstract-submission form, using CTRL + SHIFT + V, which pastes just the text (no formatting). This will avoid some of the add characters and leftover code, so your abstract will look "clean" upon submission.