Residencies and Fellowships

Hurley Medical Center provides a full range of residency training programs and medical specialty fellowships in affiliation with several of Michigan’s top universities. All of our residency and fellowship programs are designed to prepare physicians for rewarding careers in patient care and medical research.

We offer distinct advantages, including opportunities to deliver services in a full-spectrum, well-staffed medical setting, a dedicated faculty, and one the largest and most diverse patient populations in the state — all in a dynamic urban setting with easy access to the wonders of Michigan’s great outdoors.

We are extremely proud of our skilled and confident graduates, above-average first-time and national board passage rates, and strong record of post-graduate placement in medical fellowships of choice.

Other strengths:

  • Focus on population health and health disparities: As a safety-net hospital, Hurley never turns anyone away because they can’t pay. Residents receive special training to meet the needs of all patients, such as cultural sensitivity and competency workshops and lectures; poverty simulation; and community involvement at homeless shelters, health fairs and screening events. Hurley has a long history of helping people, with a corporate mission to match.
  • Quality and Patient Safety: Residents and fellows are integrated into the Institution’s quality and patient-safety initiatives and take part in ongoing activities to assess the hospital’s quality.
  • Michigan State University College of Human Medicine teaching hospital: Flint remains a top choice for medical students who spend years 3 and 4 at one of MSU-CHM’s five community campuses in the state.
    • Medical students on the MSU-CHM Flint Campus nearly doubled recently: About 100 third- and fourth-year students are on the Flint Campus. At Hurley, they are embedded in resident teams, so residents and fellows can develop teaching and leadership skills. (MSU academic appointments are available, too.)
    • MSU-CHM Public Health: Moved to the Flint campus, recruiting top public health researchers in the nation, providing opportunities to collaborate on research projects that are high priorities in the community.

What’s new?

Fresh food for pediatric patients: Hurley’s Pediatric Clinic moved to the top floor of the Flint Farmer’s Market, which is convenient for locals because it’s across the street from the bus station. It’s also convenient for medical students because it’s right next to the MSU-Flint Campus building in downtown Flint. Thanks to community partnerships, pediatric resident physicians can write prescriptions for fresh fruits and vegetables and/or nutrition counseling, and patients and families can stop at the nutrition counselor’s office and Farmer’s Market on their way out the door. Even when the market is closed, the vendors leave bags of food for families to pick up. (Also, families with Michigan’s food cards can get half-off pricing at the Farmer’s Market, so their money goes farther.)

  • Teen health screen at Farmer's Market
  • Nutrition - just a few steps away
  • Nutrition - just a few steps away
  • Nutrition - just a few steps away
  • Central location for Hurley Pediatric Clinic
  • Central location for Hurley Pediatric Clinic
  • Central location for Hurley Pediatric Clinic
  • Central location for Hurley Pediatric Clinic

New pharmacy, remodeled outpatient clinic: Patients now can pick up prescriptions for medicine and devices on their way out the door at Hurley, since a new outpatient pharmacy opened at the entrance to the Outpatient Clinic and Outpatient Lab-Draw areas. Everything has been remodeled to reflect Michigan’s natural beauty with natural light, Michigan photographs, and comfortable seating.

  • Entrance to Hurley Outpatient Clinc
  • Hurley Outpatient Clinic Waiting Area 2
  • Hurley Outpatient Clinic Waiting Area 1
  • Hurley Outpatient Pharmacy 3
  • Hurley Outpatient Pharmacy 3
  • Hurley Outpatient Pharmacy 3
  • Hurley Outpatient Pharmacy 2
  • Hurley Outpatient Pharmacy 1

For more information about any of our residency training and medical fellowship programs, please click on the links below:

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