2 named to leadership positions in Hurley Pediatrics

Two Hurley physicians were named to leadership positions in Hurley Pediatrics on Jan. 1, 2024.

  • Gurbaksh Esch MD was named Associate Program Director for the Hurley Pediatrics Residency Program. Esch, who was a medical student on the Flint Campus of Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, also served as the first-ever Pediatric Public Health Initiative Scholar, which includes attending physician responsibilities in the Hurley Clinic. In addition to her new administrative tasks, Esch will serve as a Hurley pediatric hospitalist and Hurley Children's Clinic provider.
  • Yaseen Rafe'e MD was named Hurley Pediatric Clinical Director. This pediatric infectious disease specialist and hospitalist is a valued faculty member in the Hurley Pediatrics Residency Program and will continue teaching resident physicians and medical students.

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