Established in 2003, the Hurley Research Center is a multidisciplinary department that conducts research in academic, administrative and industry-sponsored clinical trials. The Hurley Research Center is located on the sixth floor, west tower, of Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan.

Hurley Research Center maintains a rich history of strong academic research and has been at the forefront of clinical research with the goal of providing the best possible medical care for our patients. The introduction of a centralized clinical research office contributes to increased efficiency within numerous academic areas and offers great opportunities for experienced and novice investigators.

Our objectives for the Hurley Research Center are:

  • To contribute to the advancement of medical therapeutics
  • To enhance Hurley’s reputation as the area’s leading medical and research center
  • To offer physicians and other key health care team members the opportunity to grow in their pursuit of scholarly activities
  • To provide patients additional treatment opportunities and/or innovative therapies