2023 Blog photo outstanding resident teachers

5 named outstanding resident teachers by medical students

Five resident physicians from Hurley Medical Center were recently honored by medical students, who selected them as "outstanding resident teachers" for the 2022-2023 academic year.

As pictured above from left, the award recipients are:

  • Muhammed Al-Nahar MD
    2nd-year pediatrics resident
  • Dominic Awuah MD
    3rd-year internal medicine resident and academic chief resident
  • Efosa Bazuaye MD
    3rd-year internal medicine resident and clinic chief resident
  • Murtaza Hussain MD
    3rd-year internal medicine resident and research & QI chief resident
  • Macy Hudson MD
    2nd-year obstetrics & gynecology resident

The 2023 graduating class of Michigan State University College of Human Medicine-Flint Campus elected these five resident physicians for the outstanding resident teaching award.

The recipents are invited to join the March 17, 2023, Match Day celebration on the MSU-CHM-Flint Campus.

Ashley T. May, student programs administrator at MSU-CHM-Flint Campus, said she and her collegues were "incredibly grateful for (the resident physicians') dedication to the education of our medical students."