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Dr Adiraj Singh named interim program director

A familiar face is in a new leadership role in Hurley's Combined Internal Medicine/ Pediatrics Residency Training Program.

Adiraj Singh MD, current faculty member and Hurley Med/Peds alumnus, was named interim director of the training program, effective Jan. 1, 2020, by the Hurley Graduate Medical Education Committee.

Dr. Singh (right) with Dr. Sawni & Dr. Naraparaju
Dr. Adiraj Singh (seated at right) poses for a photo during a 2016 research event with Dr. Anju Sawni of Pediatrics and Dr. Vijay Naraparaju of Combined Medicine/Pediatrics.

Former Program Director Vijay Naraparaju MD plans to continue involvement in the education program by remaining as a faculty member and as a mentor to Dr Singh during his transition to program leadership.

Dr. Singh, a 2018 graduate from the Hurley residency training program, said he was happy to help continue the tradition of teaching residents to care for individuals across the entire lifespan.

Residents in the four-year combined program spend half of their inpatient rotations in Pediatrics and the other half in Internal Medicine. They have their own outpatient clinic to gain experience in sick call and continuity clinic.

Dr. Singh, married with one child, is known as a clear, calm communicator with excellent teaching and clinical skills. He is well liked by residents, students, colleagues, and patients and their families.

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