Hurley contributes to national pediatric QI data, publication

Data from Hurley Medical Center staff, patients, and families were included in a February 2024 research article in the medical journal Pediatrics about a quality improvement project related to patient care.

The paper* described the findings from a national implementation project about patient- and family-centered (PFC) rounding within the I-PASS handover framework in pediatrics inpatient units at 21 hospitals in the U.S.

At Hurley, the four project site leaders were included as Study Group Authors in Appendix 1 of the article:

  • Nathalee Harris RN BSN, Nursing Quality Specialist, Hurley Department of Quality Improvement
  • Heather Rayburn MHA BSN RN, Administrator for Women and Children's Services
  • Gwendolyn Reyes MD, Pediatrics Residency Program Director
  • Mahesh Sharman MD, Pediatrics Intensive Care Unit Director

The PFC I-PASS project took place February 2019 through March 22, with an exemption from the Hurley Medical Center Institutional Review Board. The QI project found:

Hospitals successfully used Mentor-Trios to implement PFC I-PASS. Family-nurse engagement, safety climate, and harms improved in larger hospitals and hospitals with better nurse engagement and intervention adherence. Patient/family experience and teaching were not affected.

Hurley Pediatrics and Hurley staff also were part of the national 2015-2016 I-PASS project that demonstrated the effectiveness of the I-PASS curriculum/handover bundle, which included mentorship and "spread" to other departments at Hurley. Site leaders for that project included Scott Kaatz DO, Mona Hanna-Attisha MD MPH, Yaseen Rafee MD, Julie Campe, and Gwendolyn Reyes MD.

Hurley as an institution has adopted the I-PASS handover system housewide (SP 0216 Communication Between Patient Care Providers Providing ‘Hand Off’ of Patients). I-PASS handovers are used by Hurley nursing and all of the residency-training programs in patient care in Internal Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology (in a modified format) and Pediatrics.

*Khan A, Patel SJ, Anderson M, et al. Implementing a Family-Centered Rounds Intervention Using Novel Mentor-Trios. Pediatrics. 2024;153(2):e2023062666

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