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Twelve pass IM board exams - 100%

It’s another perfect year in board-certification in Internal Medicine.

For 2018, 100% of the 12 graduates from Hurley’s Internal Medicine Residency Training Program fulfilled the requirements from the American Board of Internal Medicine and are now board-certified.

“This is a significant achievement,” said Program Director Ghassan Bachuwa MD MS MHSA. “We thank the faculty, staff, and - most of all - the hard-working residents for doing so well on a challenging exam. Nationally, the first-time pass rate is around 90%, so our residents did very well.”

This marks the second straight year of 100% board passage for the Hurley residency-training program. In fact, over the past 10 years, the first-time board-exam pass rate for the 120 graduates is 97%, with 100% passage when including the second attempt.