King Danielle staffing the chair yoga station 15 AUG 2022
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Danielle King


Program Coordinator

  • Internal Medicine Residency
  • Transitional Year Residency

Where are you from originally?

I am from Flint Township/Swartz Creek, Michigan, so basically, I'm from around here.

About living in Michigan

I chose to stay in Michigan because it was the most economical choice, as of right now. Also, I grew up here, and all of my job experiences has been within the City of Flint. I appreciate the opportunity to give back to the place where I am from.


  • Bachelor-of-science degree in health administration, Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, Mich.
  • Diploma, Carman Ainsworth High School, Flint, Mich.

What do you like most about working with resident physicians?

I appreciate the friendliness of the residents. I think their positive attitudes help me give my best effort in supporting them and helps us problem-solve better as a group.


Currently, I am living with my parents, brother, and our naughty puppy named Jasper (he's the cutest). I also have a huge extended family who I see often.

When you're not working, what do you do for fun?

When I am not working, I am reading or exercising. I also like to go to brunch with my friends.

About Hurley

I really like the team I am a part of at Hurley. Everyone seems motivated to do the best they can, and they are very helpful and supportive. I know that if I don't know something, there is someone that is willing to help - even if it's pointing me in the direction of someone more equipped.


I am inspired by my passion to be happy. I prioritize my needs so I can perform better at work and in my everyday life.

Toughest challenge

My toughest challenge in achieving my goals was my perfectionism. My perfectionism would cause me to freeze versus act. I solved this by being more objective about my work and taking more incremental approaches to my work and other challenges.


  • Book: I am an avid reader, so picking a favorite book is very hard. For now, my favorite books are The Inheritance of Orquidia Divina and A Man Called Ove.
  • Coffee shop: Biggby or Café Rhema.
  • TV shows: Arcane, Remarriage and Desires, Kakegurui, and Mine

Favorite quote

I have lived a thousand lives and I have loved a thousand loves. I've walked on distant worlds and seen the end of time. Because I read. ~George R.R Martin

I like this quote not only because I love to read, but also because I think reading makes me aware of different perspectives which helps me keep an open mind and remain empathetic. I think the world we live in can cause us to become desensitized, and reading helps me to maintain radical empathy.

Top 5 things about Flint and Michigan

  1. The Farmers Market (I go there like once a week, literally the best thing ever)
  2. Mackinaw Island
  3. Autumn. Something about being in the Midwest during the fall is so different from other places.
  4. Outside recreational activities (lakes, parks etc)
  5. Big John Steak and Onion/ Flint Style Coney, Little Caesar's Stromboli

Biggest surprise about working at Hurley

To be honest, nothing was really surprising about Hurley to me. I really appreciate how relaxed Hurley is while still being professional.

Special talents & hobbies

  • Some special talents/hobbies
  • I can read music (I used to play Alto sax). I hope to use this skill more now that I have more free time. I may try and learn another instrument.
  • I like to journal and write. I try to journal whenever I have ideas monopolizing space in my brain.
  • I like gardening. I want to improve this skill, so I can grow my own food. Having a food forest is a dream of mine.

Most impactful advice you've ever received

Slow down; you don't need to have it all figure out right now. Live in the present.

Favorite ways to keep work-life balance manageable

I get up around 4:30-5:00 am and go for a morning jog. In the summer, I'll go outside, but in the fall/winter, I'll get on the treadmill. I also play the Sims 4 to decompress from a long day.