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Mai Elhadi



Pediatrics, Graduating Class of 2025

Originally from:



I completed my medical school back home at University of Khartoum, then I moved to Ireland where I was working for the last two years.

How did you end up in the U.S.?

I moved to US just before the start of my residency.

Why did you choose your specialty?

I always wanted to work with kids ... I actually wanted to be a primary school teacher!! Once I started my peds rotation during med school, I knew there was no way back. Regardless of how busy, tired you get, there is always a positive outlook at the end of the day when working with kids.

Favorite quotation?

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

You never know how much difference a simple gesture of kindness can change a person's life. It happened to all of us at some stage!

Biggest surprise about working at Hurley?

How diverse the program is, how friendly and approachable everyone has been since day one!

Favorite ways to keep work-life balance manageable?

Talk to family and friends - they are my support system! Definetly rewatch Friends for the 100th time!!