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Alice Hamilton Scholor named for 2022-2024

A dual-trained physician has been named as the second-ever Alice Hamilton Scholar, which is part of the Pediatric Public Health Initiative in Flint, Mich., and involves public health work, as well as teaching resident physicians. PPHI is operated jointly by Michigan State University and Hurley Children's Hospital.

Scholar named
Dr Brittany Tayler is the second-ever Alice Hamilton Scholar.

Brittany Tayler MD is trained in both pediatrics and adult medicine, thanks to her residency in Combined Internal Medicine/Pediatrics at Albany Medical Center, Albany, N.Y. In addition to her public health work, Dr. Tayler is precepting Hurley pediatric resident physicians at the Hurley Children's Clinic atop the Flint Farmers' Market and Hurley combined medicine/pediatric residents at the Hurley MOB Family Medical Clinic on the second floor of the Hurley Medical Office Building.

The two-year position was named after Alice Hamilton, an American physician, researcher and author who made great strides in social justice and is considered the mother of the field of occupational health. Alice Hamilton scholars complete public-health training, mentored research, and clinical care within the PPHI. They earn a master's degree in public health.

Dr. Tayler also plans to serve on the Hurley Graduate Medical Education Wellness Curriculum Committee.

Read more about Dr. Tayler at her Hurley web bio page.