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Hurley Medical Center hosts >1500 learners across health professions each year. Students come from dozens of programs, colleges and universities across the country and especially from our nearby neighbors in Michigan.

If you are interested in a rotation or internship at Hurley, contact the Academic Affairs office. We will help to ensure that your institution has a valid affiliation agreement with us and will connect you with the appropriate clinical coordinator within Hurley to begin your health-training journey at one of the premiere learning sites in the state.

Medical Students

Medical students who wish to complete a clerkship at Hurley must contact the Flint office of our affiliated medical school, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. The Flint Campus of MSU-CHM can be reached at 810-600-5600. Only the medical school can arrange for medical student clerkships at Hurley.

How is Hurley handling Coronavirus-19 for its students?

Students may be asked to monitor temperature, symptoms

Many health student rotations have been suspended at Hurley Medical Center for the near future due to pandemic-related issues. We look forward to hosting all students again after the COVID-19 risk is minimal, patient volume has stabilized, and personal protective equipment (PPE) is widely available.

When your rotation does begin at Hurley, you may be asked to report your temperature and/or symptoms daily and to submit 14 days of written logs if either of two conditions are met:

  • You travel from a location outside of Michigan
  • You have an exposure to a known COVID-19 case, and you were not wearing PPE

At present, Hurley requires universal masking for anyone entering the building, which means you will need to wear a basic procedure mask when you are on the premises, except in instances when you are in your own private office or when you are eating. (When you are eating, please keep 6 feet between you and any others - and be sure to wipe down your eating area and chair, etc., before and after your meal.)

During the coronavirus pandemic - and in other instances of potential or actual infectious disease outbreaks, Academic Affairs at Hurley Medical Center follows the hospital's infection control policies and guidelines, which are based on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and may change as the situation develops.

    The CDC illustration at left reveals "ultrastructural morphology exhibited by coronaviruses." The spikes on the outer surface provide a corona or crown-like look when viewed with an electron microscope. This coronavirus is new and has caused an outbreak of respiratory illness, first identified in Wuhan, China, in fall 2019. The illness caused by the virus is called COVID-19 (coronavirus disease 2019). [Image is free to use, per the CDC.]
    Hurley School of Nursing

    Alumni can still obtain information

    Our nursing school opened in January 1909. The last class to graduate from the Hurley School of Nursing was the Class of December 1995, but alumni can still receive information about their education at Hurley's School of Nursing, such as:

    • Alumni information
    • Transcripts
    • Duplicate diplomas

    Select the link below to find alumni information.

    Just because we no longer operate our own nursing school doesn't mean that we don't still love training nursing students. We work with area nursing schools to provide top-notch training and rich educational rotations to students. If you're a current nursing student with a question, contact Hurley Academic Affairs to find your answers.

    Visit the Hurley School of Nursing Alumni pagechevron_right
    Did you know?

    Among Hurley's many health professionals, more than 30 Physician Assistants work across our many specialties, many of them serving as instructors to PA students who train here.