Ryan Avery (from left), Mohammed Al-Nahar, et al, talk with library director Jeni Godlesky, 2021 Hurley GME event
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Mohammed Al-Nahar



Pediatrics, Graduating Class of 2024

Originally from:



  • Medical school: Mutah University School of Medicine, Mu'tah, Karak Governorate, Jordan

When and why did you come to Michigan?

June 18, 2021. To join my residency program.

Why did you choose your specialty?

I can find everything I am looking for while being a pediatrician. I LOVE communicating with kids and their families, and I feel that I have a good understanding of their feelings and concerns, which provides me a great sense of satisfaction!


My dad passed away when I was 16. I have a great mom who raised me up and spent all her efforts to get my father’s wish of being a well-educated person come true! I have three inspiring brothers and two lovely sisters. Helana, who is now 8, is my favorite niece.

When you're not working, what do you do for fun?

I usually hang out with friends. I like water sports and swim regularly. I also like kayaking and snorkeling.

What do you love about the mid-Michigan area?

I like how quiet it is!

Favorite quotation?

What goes around comes around