Noshin Ahmad W

Noshin Ahmad



Combined Internal Medicine/ Pediatrics, Graduating Class of 2024

Originally from:


Medical School:

Fatimah Jinnah Medical University, Lahore, Pakistan

What brought you to the U.S. and to Michigan?

Our family moved to the US, specifically, Maryland, 2 years ago when my husband started his postdoc. I worked on completing my USMLE steps and gained clinical experience at several hospitals before applying for the residency. Hurley Medical Center was one of the programs where I completed my observership in March 2019. I fell in love with the place. The IM-Peds program was very welcoming and provided a great working environment. The word "family" is often thrown around, but this actually did feel like family, where everyone cared about each other. I decided that if I got an opportunity to work here, I would grab it with both hands. I was very lucky to match at this program and moved to Michigan in June 2020. However, my family currently resides in Maryland.

Why did you choose your specialty?

After completing medical school in my home country, my first 6-month internship was in pediatrics. Later I worked exclusively in internal medicine as a medical officer. When I started applying in the US, I was extremely excited to find combined Internal Medicine-Pediatrics programs. This specialty allows me to pursue both my interests. I want to work in primary care, and the dual program would allow me the opportunity to work with both adults and children. It is a very unique and highly competitive specialty which makes it even more special.


My husband, Asad, completed his Ph.D. in computer science from Penn State. He is currently working as a faculty member at Johns Hopkins University. We have a 7-year-old son, Mikaal, who just started his 2nd grade. They both currently live in Maryland.

When you’re not working, what do you do for fun?

I Paint!! Acrylic on canvas is what gives me happiness. Spending time with my family and Netflix :)

What do you love most about Hurley?

People at Hurley are very Welcoming, It feels like home. It's a great place to learn, and I am lucky to have gotten a chance to learn from the best!!

What inspires you?

To be the best doctor and help my patients in any way possible.

What do you miss most about home, and how do you stay in touch?

I miss my parents and siblings the most!

Favorite movie:

Knives Out

Favorite ways to keep work-life balance:

I do meditate, not every day but whenever I get time. It's mandatory for me to talk to my family, which keeps me going.