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Sarah Ayad


  • Faculty, Hurley Medical Center Internal Medicine Residency Program, Flint, Mich.

Dr. Sarah Ayad was a welcome addition to the Internal Medicine faculty team when she joined Hurley in October 2022. She has a lot of experience in research, with a long list of publications and poster and oral presentations, as well as teaching experience, and multiple awards.


  • Bachelor-of-science degree in biomedical engineering (summa cum laude), Virginia Commonwelath University, Richmond, Va.
  • Medical degree: St. George's University School of Medicine, Grenada, West Indies
  • Internal medicine residency: Rutgers Health-New Jersey Medical School/Trinitas, Elizabeth, N.J.

Scholarly Activity


  • Reviewer for Cureus Journal of Medical Science, Elizabeth, N.J.

Research positions

  • Subinvestigator, Comprehensive Cancer Center, assessing the response of convalescent plasma therapy for the treatment of patients with COVID-19 on specific minority patients.
  • QI project, Implementation of federal fund program to provide non-vitamin K oral anticoagulation at the charity clinic.
  • QI project, Improving compliance with screening of diabetic complications in the resident clinic.
  • Research assistant, Department of Tissue Engineering, Richmond, Va.
  • Clincial research assistant, Honors Summer Undergraduate Research Program, Richmond, Val.
  • Research assistant, Massy Cancer Center, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Va.


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Hobbies & Interests

During my free time, I greatly enjoy cooking different cuisines from different cultures. I also enjoy hiking
and exploring the beautiful scenery. I also enjoy traveling, reading, watching movies, running.

~Sarah Ayad MD