Combined Internal Medicine Pediatrics


The Combined Internal Medicine / Pediatrics (Med-Peds) Residency Training Program at Hurley Medical Center is expressly designed for motivated residents seeking career flexibility, a longitudinal, “whole-person” perspective on human development, and the opportunity to serve patients at every stage of life. This mature, well-established residency training program provides extensive engagement in real-word medical practice and serves as an excellent platform for a primary-care career track. The concentrated, four-year educational experience fully prepares residents to pass both the internal medicine and pediatric board exams.

Combined Internal Medicine / Pediatrics Residency Program Strengths

Our program is affiliated with the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine. We incorporate the extensive academic and clinical resources of both institutions’ internal medicine and pediatric programs and departments and provide balanced training in ambulatory care, general inpatient care, intensive care, and numerous subspecialties.

One of the hallmarks of our residency training program is the combined med/peds continuity clinic and ambulatory block rotation. The closed-block ambulatory rotation runs concurrently with our Internal Medicine / Pediatrics continuity clinic to help provide ongoing care for all of our patients, a stable practice environment for our residents, and an opportunity to participate in quality-improvement initiatives and the development of office best practices. Hurley Medical Center also sponsors numerous community health and outreach initiatives designed to increase engagement with the individuals, families and neighborhoods we serve.

Our current roster of 12 residents includes international and U.S. medical graduates.

What’s new?

Our resident continuity clinic has moved from an off-site location to our on-site medical office building, which allows for greater integration into the institution’s electronic medical record system, as well as closer access for residents, with no need to drive to see patients. The new office has a dedicated conference/precepting room, plenty of exam rooms, an ample waiting room, and the latest in technology. The Hurley Family Health Cetner accepts all ages of patients (of course) and is located at Hurley Medical Office Building, 2 Hurley Plaza, Suite 211, Flint, Mich., 40503.

In faculty news, Vijay Naraparajy MD recently was named program director after serving as interim program director for serveral years. Associate Program Director Badar Ahmed MD continues to help administratively and clinically. Our experienced faculty-educators continue to teach and mentor residents to help them reach their individual career goals.