We have limited openings for medical-school graduates to observe in our Combined Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program for up to 2 weeks, as a way for the observer to explore our program and as a way for our program to get to know the observer, who may be a residency candidate some day.


  • Candidate must be interested in applying to the Hurley Combined Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Program and/or interested in working in primary care.
  • The observership takes place in the Med/Peds outpatient clinic only.
  • The observer candidate must meet minimum requirements for residency candidates in our program.

Application process

To apply, observers must submit their CV and the Hurley Observership Application Form (available upon request), where they list their preferred dates. If they are accepted, they must pay an observership fee, complete some online forms and online training courses, and agree to follow Hurley policies and standard practices. Contact us to inquire about an observership.