Sample Block Conference Schedule

Here is a sample of the conference schedule offered to Hurley Pediatric residents during one block.


12:15-1:15 Hybrid (in person and virtual options)

GME Event: Bullying, Harassment and Retaliation

Speaker: Vice President for Hurley Human Resources


8-9 am (in person and virtual options)

Pediatric Grand Rounds: Autism Update

Speaker: Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician - University of Michigan

Friday (multiple examples noted here)

1-430 pm (in person)
Resident Didactics. Block Theme: Growth, Development and Preventative Pediatrics

Example 1 (i.e., first Friday of the block)

  • 1-200 Communication Fundamentals (Faculty member: Pediatric Psychologist)
  • 200-230 Wellness Break
  • 230-330 Obesity-Related Communication (Pediatric Psychology Fellow)
  • 330-430 Management of Febrile Neonates - QI Project Dissemination

Example 2 (i.e., second Friday of the block)

  • 1-130 Pediatric Wellness Chief Activity
  • 130-200 Medstudy Board Review Video - Preventative Pediatrics
  • 200-230 Wellness Break
  • 230-330 Medstudy Board Review Video - Preventative Pediatrics
  • 330-430 Board Review Questions with Attending General Pediatrician

Example 3 (i.e., third Friday of the block)

  • 1-130 Board review questions with chiefs
  • 130-200 Case Presentation
  • 200-230 Wellness Break
  • 230-400 Medstudy Board Review Video: Growth and Development
  • 400-430 Introduction to Journal Club