Faculty & Staff

Program Coordinator I

Meet Chelsay Hamburg

Chelsay Hamburg is the newest addition to the coordinator team, working with Audrina Roberts to keep the program running smoothly. Chelsay's active approach to work (and to home life) help moving projects and tasks forward. This Michigan native makes sure she takes advantage of her time off by seeking adventures in the U.S. and out and can probably recommend fun things to do in Michigan to help residents recharge and refresh. Read her profile to see photos of recent ventures.

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Program Coordinator II

Meet Audrina Roberts

Many observe that the Hurley Med/Peds program runs very smoothly, but they probably don't realize all of the background work that goes into that impression. Program Director Adiraj Singh works closely with Program Coordinator Audrina Roberts & Chelsay Hamburg to get the details in order - and there are a lot of details. Audrina Roberts' calm demeanor and quiet competence are a comfort - and the glue for holding all of the pieces together. Read her profile to see how she keeps work and family life manageable.

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