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A video introduction to the Hurley Peds program

Meet our residents

Since residency candidate interviews have been virtual since the pandemic, candidates may not get to meet as many current residents during virtual interviews. So here's how you can get to know us to see if we're a good fit for you:

Watch our resident videos to get the inside scoop from some of our pediatric residents at all levels of training:

Scroll down to read our resident bios on this page to see what they like to do for fun and why they chose Hurley for their training.

Meet our residents of the block:

  • Block 2: Dr Khalid Al-Kharraz, Peds PGY3
  • Block 3: Dr Yasmin Khundakji, Peds PGY3
  • Block 4: Dr Maen Kamal, Peds PGY2
  • Block 5: Dr. Mohammed Al-Najar Peds PGY3
  • Block 6: Dr. Wad Elsheikh Peds PGY3
  • Block 7: Dr. Mohammed Al-Nahar, Peds PGY3
  • Block 8: Dr. Rashee Gupta, Peds PGY3
  • Block 9: Dr. Mai Elhadi, Peds PGY2
  • Block 10: Dr. Olubukola (Bukky) Faturoti PGY3
  • Block 11: Dr. Yasmin Khundakji PGY3
  • Block 12: Dr. Adenike Fatiregun PGY2